Being SMART!




smartSmart is an acronym everyone should know and be very familiar with. This is the basic goal setting acronym to live by when creating a goal. Whether you are in high school or the CEO of a huge company, be SMART.

I use this when planning goals for myself. It’s very simple and easy to remember, that’s why it’s so effective.


S stands for specific; have a clear vision of what you want and don’t be broad about it.

M  means measurable; be able to measure your progress, whatever it may be.

A is for attainable; is possible and can be achieved.

R  meaning relevant; stay to the task at hand, and try not to wander off course.

T represents time-bound; give yourself a specific date or time when choosing your goal.

I recently had to use this when deciding how I wanted my season to go for my lacrosse team. With a new coaching staff and new players, we are optimistic as to how our season will span out. Trying to stay positive with a ruff schedule ahead of us, we need to stay set on a common goal. I’m sure you have heard of this before, it’s very common and taken lightly sometimes, but our team goal is to get better every day. This can be hitting the gym, hitting the wall, going for a run, or playing with some buddies. Whatever you can do to get better today. SMART is keeping me on track to make sure I don’t let myself, or my team down.  Keeping others on your team hungry and wanting to get better is a whole other task! Our specific is easy to see, get better everyday by doing something to better yourself. Measurable is tracking your progress everyday, measuring or timing to make sure you are improving. Attainable is to make sure we achieve that goal, everyday! To be relevant is to not miss one day, then feel you let everyone down. If that happens hit it twice as hard the next day! Finally, time-bound, by start of season for everyone to be in their best shape and better then ever.

As a high school student implementing this into your life it should be a breeze. You can use it when given homework or projects. I know SEP’s are out (senior exit projects) and this is an extremely hassle free way to help keep you on track to get those done. It’ll take you 10 minutes at most to create, and save you hours of struggle later.




The ability to have the self control to stay on top of goals is very difficult. Using SMART along with a good work ethic will get you where you want to go. I hate the excuse I can’t because its rarely true. You can and you will with a lot of work and a little luck.

I would love to hear how you or  team achieve your goals. If you are looking to learn more about keeping your team with you, take a look at A insightful look on how to keep your team healthy.