When All Else Fails

Have you ever been lost?unkown

I don’t mean in a physical way where you cant find your nearest Starbucks. I mean it in a sense that you don’t know why you are doing something anymore, or you can’t figure out how to do it anymore. If you haven’t, lucky you! This period of not necessarily understanding things anymore can cause great frustration. I have recently experienced that and am trying something to get myself out of the funk.

I haven’t posted in a LONG time, this is the longest time I’ve gone without posting anything since I started about a year ago! I hit a brick wall. One morning I woke up and just couldn’t make a decision on what to write about, let alone write. My lacrosse season was starting up and I was more focused on winning with that team then making sure I was staying busy here on my website. I tried over and over to put something down and I just couldn’t. I felt trapped! Its difficult to focus on school, lacrosse, and hobbies like hosting a website. When all else fails, read and listen!

One thing I haven’t stopped and really no one should stop doing is reading and listening to leaders. In an even simpler statement: Never stop learning!

Listening to people like Michael Hyatt and Pat Flynn really can inspire you and make you want to do more with your life. I strongly encourage everyone to listen to them. One of my favorite episodes from Michael Hyatt is this post about Mental Battles. It got me to write again and it feels great. Pat Flynn’s episodes where he has actual students on air are incredible! People actually doing what he’s teaching and it being very successful makes me want to work even harder.

Reading is essential to learning, I could not stress that enough. Every great person on earth, ever, reads. Take Mark Cuban, from Shark Tank. I recently read his new book, How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do it, You Can Do It.  Not only is it a great example of how hard work and believing in yourself can transform your life, it got me thinking. It had me creating scenarios in my head and coming up with ways I could transform my life! It’s great stuff and a very quick read. Reading makes you smarter, it’s a fact. When I read, it gets the gears in my head spinning, making me think very deeply to try to comprehend what’s coming in. When all else fails, read.


Everyday is a step to a goal, make sure that step is the right way. -Colton Foley